The Outdated Website to Blog Migration Package

The Outdated Website to Blog Migration Package is just what the name implies.  If you’ve got an outdated website that you want to update and begin using WordPress as your CMS (Content Management System), this is the package for you.

Once you’ve signed up below, Acumen Web Services will stage (create) your website on a temporary account so we don’t disrupt your current website. We’ll do the following behind the scenes without disrupting your current site.

  • Perform a security minded installation of WordPress on your own fully managed WordPress hosting account.
  • Install a suite of tested plugins which expand the capabilities of WordPress (yet play well together) to include contact forms and other web site “essentials”.
  • Install over 130 themes to provide you with a wide variety of choices on how you want your website to look.
  • Optimize your new blog’s permalink structure.
  • Enroll you in Fully Managed WordPress Worry Free Hosting
  • Set up membership in the, giving you access to hundreds of tutorials ranging from the mechanics of blogging to advanced content strategy development.

When you’ve approved the new site, then we will configure your domain name’s DNS settings to point to our servers. This will point the domain name from your current web host to our server after which your website will be “live”.

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You will be immediately charge $995 and then each month you will be billed $35 a month for your Fully Managed WordPress hosting subscription.

The package includes migration of up to 5 pages of content and image from your original website.  If your current website has more than 5 pages of content you want to migrate, you’ll have the opportunity to add them after you’ve made your initial payment below.

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