The Multi-site Network Package

The Multi-site Network Package involves expanding WordPress into a multiple user multiple site network.

What is a WordPress Multi-user site?

A WordPress MU (multi-user) site is a single website on a single domain comprised of many different individual sites.  All of the sites use a single installation of WordPress.  This makes updating the core code, plugins and themes easier for the network administrator.

Each site on the network is an individual, unique entity.  All of the sharing that is done in a WordPress MU site happens “behind the scenes.” is an example of a WordPress MU site.  When you run a blog network, you can host hundreds if not thousands of individual blogs – just like the blogs hosted at All of the blogs on the network share the same installation of WordPress. uses their network to allow hundreds of thousands of people to set up their own blog on the blog network.  The blogs on the site each belong to different users.  The only “connection” is the software (WordPress) which powers all of those sites.

There are many other reasons why you might want to launch a WordPress MU site.  Many universities use WordPress MU so each department has its own blog.  In these cases, the WordPress MU site is set up to allow visitors to move freely throughout the network – while allowing each department to maintain control of the content contained within their website on the network.

Businesses also use  WordPress MU to build their websites.  One such example is the BBC America website.  Each BBC America show has it’s own website on the BBC America WordPress MU. One show on BBC America is Top Gear.  The URL for the show is:

Notice – the part of the URL in red is the main domain name. The part of the URL in bold & green indicates the location of the site on the network.

Another BBC America television show is Dr. Who.  The URL for that show is:

Notice that this show’s URL has a lot in common with the Top Gear site URL.  I have highlighted the main domain name part of the URL in red again.  However, the part of the URL in bold & green indicating the location of the site on the network has changed from Top Gear to Dr. Who.

Each show has it’s own website – but the design of the BBC WordPress MU website allows visitors to discover other BBC shows without leaving the BBC America website.

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