The BootStrapping Business Owner Package

This package is for the Bootstrapping Business Owner. You will need to have registered a domain name for your business before ordering this package.

Bootstrapping is the time honored tradition of cutting expenses to the point where you can start your business without taking out an oppressive business loan or giving your business away to a VC.

When you’re bootstrapping your business launch, there’s always a shortage of time and money. However, bootstrapping business owners realize that the more they know, the more they can do and that’s who I had in mind when I created this website development package.

If you’re a hands on kind of person who enjoys learning new skills, this is the package for you.

Once you’ve signed up below, Acumen Web Services will

  • Configure your domain name’s DNS settings to point to our servers.
  • Perform a security minded installation of WordPress on your own fully managed WordPress hosting account.
  • Install a suite of tested plugins which expand the capabilities of WordPress (yet play well together) to include contact forms and other web site “essentials”.
  • Install over 130 themes to provide you with a wide variety of choices on how you want your website to look.
  • Optimize your new blog’s permalink structure.
  • Enroll you in Fully Managed WordPress Worry Free Hosting
  • Set up membership in the, giving you access to hundreds of tutorials ranging from the mechanics of blogging to advanced content strategy development.

Your The BootStrapping Business Owner Website will be launched within 48 hours and will start out without any content or images.  Using the tutorials at, you can create your content at your own pace.

If you get into the weeds and need help – Kathy is available to help you find your way.

Payment is via Paypal – where your first month will be billed $695 for installation and set up – and then you’ll be billed a monthly fee of $35 per month.

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