Web site to Blog Migration

When I began developing web sites in 1997 – the static HTML web sites ruled the web.  From 1997 until 2005, I created beautiful web sites for small business owners around the world.

Businesses are either growing or they are dying.  When a business is growing, a vibrant healthy web presence reflects that growth.  As a result,my clients would come back after a few years and request a new design for their website.

I’ll admit, it always bothered me that I couldn’t offer a faster, easier way to redesign a website for a client.  In traditional web design, the design elements are “tattooed” into the skin of the web site.  Changing the design of a traditional HTML web site is almost like getting a tattoo removed.  Even if 90$ of the content remained unchanged -a website  redesign would mean recreating every page of the site from scratch.

When WordPress hit the scene, I was delighted that I could save time and my client’s money by migrating their business web sites to WordPress blogs..  WordPress blogs uses something called a “theme”.  A WordPress theme acts like clothing for your web presence.  If styles change – if your logo changes – if your visual branding elements get updated – when your website is built with WordPress, updating your site is simply a matter of uploading a new theme to change the colors, the fonts and the images on your site.

Even better – there are literally tens of thousands of professionally designed, ready made themes for your WordPress blog.  Just like clothing – you can purchase a ready made WordPress theme “off the rack” and have it ALTERED to fit your business blog perfectly.

If you’ve got a business web site – and you’d like to upgrade it to an easy to use, easy to update, search engine friendly hard working business blog – Acumen Web Services offer Website to Blog Migration services.
yesbuttonWe’ll take the content from your existing web site – and “migrate” it to your new business blog for a fraction of the cost of your original web development.

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