Business Blog Strategy

A business blog can act as a powerful business building tool  – but like any tool – the success or failure depends upon the skill of the user.

Maybe you’ve tried marketing your business via the internet – but you’ve been disappointed by the results.   Maybe you’ve wondered why some businesses seem to strike gold with every marketing campaign while you find yourself wondering how they do it.

The first essential key to marketing success is to understand the difference between marketing strategy and a marketing tactic.

Your business blog is not in and of itself a marketing strategy – instead business blogging is a marketing tactic.

For example, when Dell Computers revealed that they had used Twitter to sell millions of dollars of computers – tens of thousands of business owners flocked to sign up for Twitter with the hope of increasing sales like Dell Computers had done.

Unfortunately, many of those hopeful business owners discovered that Twitter was not the “secret ingredient” used to create previously undiscovered marketing magic.  Instead they discovered that using Twitter was a marketing tactic which was used as part as a cohesive marketing strategy by Dell.

There’s a huge difference between marketing strategy and marketing tactics and confusing the two can result in fiscally dire circumstances.

If your business were hunting – then your marketing strategy would be determining what type of animal you want to kill.  Your marketing tactics would include whether you’re going to use a gun, a cross bow, a bow and arrow or even a knife.

Marketing strategy – like hunting strategy – means identifying your target in advance.  You don’t go to a corn field in Iowa to hunt rhinos.  Similarily, if you show up on the Serengeti Plain with a small caliber rifle used to hunt squirrels and rabbits back in Iowa and you probably won’t live to tell the tale of your hunting adventure.

Of course, when most business owners go “hunting” for prospective customers – they rarely travel abroad – but rather they find themselves standing in a deserted  field shooting at anything – including blowing leaves – that moves.  By shooting randomly, they not only waste valuable ammo but they frighten any game they might have encountered.

Marketing strategy means planning the hunt for customers. Once you’ve crafted a “customer hunting” strategy – a.k.a. a marketing strategy – then it’s time to put your business blog  – not to mention Facebook, Twitter and even Foursquare to work.

You can get the basics behind creating a cohesive marketing strategy for your business by picking up a copy of the book Beyond the Niche: Essential Tools You Need to Create Marketing Messages that Deliver Results. This book tells you the “why” and more importantly shows you HOW to create a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Pick up a copy of the book – read it – and if you need individualized consultation, we offer comprehensive business blog strategy sessions for business owners who want help in integrating business blogging as a successful marketing tactic in their business. Contact us to learn more.