Business Blog Set Up

The Basic Level of Blog Set Up is designed for the bootstrapping entrepreneur who has more time than money.

One of the exciting things about developing your business web site using WordPress is the flexibility WordPress provides.  It is the IDEAL web development solutions for small business owners who want to build a web site that can easily grow as their business grows.

When you use WordPress to build your business web site – you not only have the ability to easily create and edit the content (written words) of your site – but you also have the ability to easily include video as well.  (There is no way to underestimate the POWER of video customer testimonials – and you might be surprised how willing your customers are to provide them!)

However, it gets even better.

When it comes to business – you’re either growing or your dying.  Part of that growth often means adding products and services.  Often it means changing the visual BRANDING elements of your business.

If you’re using a “traditional” HTML style website – such changes mean going back to the drawing board and creating a whole new web presence.  However, WordPress business blog users can change the look and feel of their site with a click of a button.

Changing the look and feel of a traditional old style HTML web sites is difficult – kind of like removing a tattoo.  However, WordPress blogs use themes to “dress” the blog.  The WordPress theme determines the colors, fonts and images displayed on the web site.  By simply changing the theme – you can dramatically change the appearance of your business blog without changing the content.

Think of it like changing clothes -only it’s your web site that can change it’s look that easily.

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