Business Blogs and Web Design

Did you know your business blog can actually take the place of your old fashioned HTML web site.

If you have a beautiful website, but it doesn’t seem to be doing much for your business then consider converting your old style website into an easy to use, search engine friendly business blog.

The first step to finding success on the web is to create a website your target audience can actually find using one of the major search engines.

Unfortunately, I’ve worked with dozens of clients who came to me with beautiful websites that were so poorly coded that they couldn’t be found on the web.

If you find yourself in that situation, you have several options available to fix the problem.

  1. You can hire an SEO (search engine optimization) firm to make EXTENSIVE changes to the coding of your current small business web site.
  2. You can launch a new website.

Converting your existing business web site into a business blog with Acumen Web Services will be a fraction of the cost of hiring a competent SEO professional to optimize your current small business website.

Your business blog can have static pages just like an old fashioned web site with three big differences:

  1. If you can use a word processing program, you can easily add and edit pages to your business blog
  2. The content of your blog will be easily indexed by the search engines.
  3. You can change the “look” or theme of your blog quickly and easily. That means if you choose to redesign your site – you don’t have to reinvent it. Your new ‘theme” can simply be applied and “clothe” your existing content.

When consumers find and visit your web presence- that is known as “traffic.” Driving targeted traffic to your website is the first step in using the web as a powerful marketing tool for your business.

Traffic is a good start to using your web site as a marketing tool, but traffic alone isn’t enough.

Once people arrive at your web site, what do they find?

When your business has a WordPress website, you can write hundreds of articles, each of which can explore a new benefit customers can experience when they choose your business.  You can compose these articles as easily as you do an email message.

I am so excited that my websites are drawing attention from search engines so quickly. I’ve even been approached to become an affiliate of a popular program because my business blog is so popular! You have made developing two separate websites a breeze. Thank you !”

L. Berrett

A few months after writing this testimonial, this business blogger’s website was featured on Dr. Oz’s website – thanks to one of the blog posts this client had posted years earlier.

If you think you don’t have anything to say on a business blog – THINK AGAIN!

Every time you answer a prospective customer’s questions via email, take a moment and create a quick blog post using the email as a starting point.  Be sure to add information that a first time visitor would need to know to get “up to speed” – and then be sure to strip out any information that may compromise your customer’s privacy – and you’ve got a never ending flow of business blog articles.

Once you’ve created a blog post answering a prospective customer’s pre-sale question, when you get an incoming email asking the same question, you can send them the link to the published answer!

If the fear of mastering the mechanics of creating WordPress blog posts is holding your back, RELAX!!!  Acumen Web Services clients get unlimited access to the WordPress How To Video Tutorials offered at