Business Blogs Vs Facebook, Twitter

When it comes to blogging for your business – business owners have a lot of questions.

One question often asked by business owners is:

“Why have a business blog when I can use [Facebook/Twitter] to promote my business?”

For starters – when you launch a business blog – and  I’m talking about a business blog where you pay to register a domain name and you pay for hosting for that blog – you are in complete control of that business blog.  (Read this to learn about the differences between “free” business blogs and YOUR business blog.)

You control the content – you control the comments – you control if/when that blog ceases to exist.

A word picture I often use  to describe blogging on your own business blog is to liken it to building a brick and mortar building.

When I was growing up – my parents wanted to buy lakefront property.  They were in love with a community which had some of the best lakeside property available but there was a catch.  When you built your home there – you didn’t own the property.   Instead you built the house but you LEASED the property upon which the house was built.

I remember the horror my parent’s expressed at such an arrangement.  They could not imagine spending hundreds of thousands of dollars building a lakefront home on property they would never own.  When my parents asked what happened if the holding company went out of business – the response was “Don’t worry – it will never happen.”

In case you haven’t noticed, a lot of things have happened in real estate over the past few years that few correctly predicted could or would happen.

There are a lot of similarities between the “real” world and the online world – and one of them is ownership = control.

When you create a Facebook account or a Twitter account – you’re creating a user account on a web site you don’t own.

Lest I begin to sound like a control freak – a term which has been bandied about on many occasions 🙂 – being in control of  your business’ assets should be a priority for any business owner.

Over the past 20 years – I’ve worked with hundreds of small business owners and  I’ve worked with a few who discovered the painful truth of what happens when you don’t own the building in which your business resides.

In one particularly painful case, the neighboring business in the retail plaza was also my client’s landlord.  When the owner of the property needed room to expand his business – he simply gave my client ample notice that he would not be renewing the lease.  After a period of commercial property shopping – my client decided to throw in the towel rather than start from scratch in a new business location.

The similarities between building a brick and mortar business and a business blog are many.  Just as “location, location, location” is a primary concern for your brick and mortar presence – it’s even more true for your business blog.

When you create a business blog for your business – you set in motion of cascade of events – many of which you may not be aware.

Just as your brick and mortar customers become “accustomed” to doing business with your physical business location – the search engines – the vehicle which many visitors use to FIND your business blog –

Whether it’s a free blog – Twitter – or Facebook – the “address” associated with your business is

Now – when you have a business blog on – you can direct visitors from your free blog, Twitter or Facebook to the location where you are in control.

That way – if things go sideways with your free social media accounts – you won’t find your entire business web presence is gone overnight.