Start a Business Blog

So what’s involved with starting a business blog?

Many business owners are surprised at how easy business blogs are to use.  Often it’s the fear of the unknown that creates the biggest barrier to business blogging.

For many business owners, once the initial business blog set up is complete – business blogging is as simple as sending an email.

When you blog for your business – the content you write becomes part of the every growing fabric of the web.  Those blog posts often create what is known in SEO circles as “long tail keyword” content.

Long tail keywords are search terms which don’t get a lot of “action”.  While a word like “chiropractor” is included in thousands of searches every hour – long tail keywords like “Boca Raton chiropractor” don’t get searched for very often.

However, if you’re a chiropractor in Boca Raton, Florida – guess which keyword term is more valuable in building your practice?

That’s the real “magic” of business blogging.

When you start a business blog and begin writing two or three articles a week – you’ll be creating blog posts – a.k.a. articles – that naturally contain those long tail keywords.

Those business blog posts are viewed by the search engines as individual web pages – and those pages are indexed just like any other web page.  Only – there’s a difference.  A HUGE difference.

See, when you create web pages with many of the easy to use web site editors – the resulting web pages aren’t easy for the search engines to index and catalog.   In some cases, the code those WYSIWYG web editors use to create those beautiful web pages are down right ugly from the search engines’ point of view.

So that’s why – when you start a business blog – it’s like creating dozens of search engine web pages over the course of a year.

Even better is that as you create those articles – when a prospective customer (or in the case of the Boca chiropractor – patient) finds your business blog posts – they’ll be finding valuable information they were heading online to find in the first place.

Business which need to educate consumers are the best candidates for starting a business blog.

Business blogging is perfect for your business if you’ve ever thought,

“If people knew 1/3 of what they need to know  about [insert your business here] – they’d choose our company hands down.”

Business blogs are a GREAT way to provide the essential information your prospective customers need to know to make the best buying decision.  When you use your business blog to educate – to entertain – and to inform – you’ll soon discover what all the fuss is about business blogging.