Business blogs give your business an unfair advantage

I recently asked the question “Is it time to convert your website to a blog? and shared more than a few reasons why blogs are great websites for businesses.  However, I neglected to focus on the biggest reason you should be blogging for your business:

Business blogs give your business an unfair advantage.

Self hosted WordPress blogs are incredibly search engine friendly.  I sometimes forget exactly how big of a deal that is.  It’s kind of like access to oxygen – it’s easy to forget how difficult your life can be if suddenly access to oxygen is reduced or eliminated.

I came to this realization when I saw the traffic logs for a blog I launched just a few short months ago.

Launching a blog is nothing new.  As a matter of fact, it’s a fairly regular occurrence around here.  However, I launched this blog to promote my own business interests.

I created about a dozen tightly targeted posts and then went back to working for my clients instead of for myself.

So when I went to upgrade WordPress (for yet another security update) – I decided to take a peek at my analytics account to see how many visitors my newly launched little blog was getting.  Imagine my surprise when I saw that the site was getting hundreds of visitors each month. I felt like a hostess who had been caught with her hair still in curlers before her big dinner party.  I had so much to DO at the site to get it ready for visitors.  Most importantly – I still hadn’t set up an email newsletter to capture visitor information – something I always do for my clients during site launch but had “slipped” through the cracks on my own business blog set up.

But this rapid rise  made me realize how much of an unfair advantage a business owner with a blog has over his or her competitors.   I mean – over the past thirteen years – I’ve created a lot of small business web sites and some of those sites never got the traffic in a year that my little blog generated last month.

Of course, traffic is one thing – building credibility and respect is another.

One day not long ago was obviously  “Illustrate the power of business blogging day”.

The day began with a conversation with a potential client who has been a reader of my main business blog for months.  During the conversation, I realized how much of an “unfair” advantage my business blog has given to my business: I don’t have to work NEARLY as hard “proving” myself to prospective clients. It’s a welcomed change from the way I used to do business back in the 1990’s.

Later that day, another business blogging client contacted me.  She and her husband had been contacted by a national magazine who wants to do a story on their business.   The writer for the magazine had found their blog , then read their blog posts – and featured them in a story which has since been republished “online”.

It’s not the first time one of my business blogging clients have been “tapped” by the national media.  See, journalists are people too.  They’ve got a lot to do and little time to do it.  When they have a deadline,  they use search engines to find information.  When your business blog posts come up on that first page – well – that’s how PR events happen naturally and without an agent!  🙂

Business blogs illustrate once again how essential it is for a business to tightly target the marketing message.  When you know WHO your target audience is – and WHY they are buying your products or services –  then it’s remarkably easy to create powerful online content which builds your online authority and showcases your expertise.  Then, as prospective clients find your business blog – they can get to know more about you – without taking the risk of making contact.   A happy side effect of course is that media outlets can find you – and include you in stories.