The Best Way To Find New Customers

The web is without a doubt the BEST way to find new customers for your business.  However, if you’re like most small business owners – you’ve probably been frustrated by your efforts to find new customers via the web.

Recently, I got an email from an Acumen Web Services client who shared that her business blog had landed TWO new clients for her practice in the past few weeks.  Allow me to share with you some of the “secrets” she used to create a website that attracts customers and clients to her practice.

1. It took time.

I want to begin with this one because so often clients sign up for a blog and expect to start signing clients within 72 hours of their blog launch.  It doesn’t work that way.  Creating a client or customer magnet takes TIME.  In the case above, it took about 3 years for my client to sign her first client from her blog.

It probably won’t take you that long to sign your first client though.  When my client didn’t see immediate results – she quit blogging after about 12 blog posts.  She then forgot about her blog for over a year and a half.  When she finally logged in again – she saw that NINE different people had left comments asking for more information about her services.  That was the fuel she needed to get blogging again for her business.

2. She focused on the PROBLEMS prospective clients were having.

This is a KEY element in her success.  Instead of blogging about trivia or the latest news – my client began writing blog posts about how she provides solutions for problems commonly experienced by her target audience.  Over time, when her audience began searching for solutions to problems they were having – her blog posts would pop up.

My client has thousands of competitors – many of them blogging for their business – but few if any are blogging and addressing the PROBLEMS this target audience is experiencing.

Today, one of her blog posts is regularly drawing in hundreds of new visitors each month and she has started a new series of problem solving blog posts to keep reaching new prospective clients.

3. She tightly targeted her audience.

In my book,Beyond the Niche: Essential Tools You Need to Create Marketing Messages that Deliver Results, I share how important it is to tightly target your audience when you’re creating your marketing message.

My client could not possibly begin to write about the problems her target audience was having without first defining her “niche” market.  If she had tried to speak to “everyone” she would have spoken to no one.  Since she tightly targeted her audience, writing blog posts about problems that audience is facing was easy.

4. She didn’t rely solely upon her blog to carry her message.

I love blogs as a way to carry your marketing message – but as versatile as blogs are – they can’t carry the ENTIRE load.  Your blog is a great way to get noticed in a crowded marketplace but in order to keep the conversation going – you need more.

My client has an email newsletter sign up on her blog.   She used a quick and easy method of setting up her email marketing newsletter so she could set up her email marketing newsletter and then forget about it.

This way, when a prospective client or customer FINDS her blog post – she can continue the conversation after the visitor has left the site.  This way she can stay in touch with visitors who aren’t quite ready to make a buying decision yet.

Of course the foundation of my client’s success is her search engine friendly self hosted WordPress blog.  This client had been trying to market her practice via the web for YEARS before she discovered Acumen Web Services.  I suspect that part of the reason she “gave up” on her blog so quickly was because of her past failures.

They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result – and my client really couldn’t see the difference between her blog and her old website.  That is – until the content had time to age and “connect” with her audience.

By simply tightly targeting her audience and then creating problem solving blog posts – my client signed two new clients directly from her Acumen Web Services blog.  Those two clients have a lifetime value which well exceeds her investment in her business blog.

How long has it been since your website sent you a new customer?  If the answer is “never” or “too long” – then contact us about getting started with a business blog.  A business blog is the best way for many businesses to find new customers on the web.