Business Blogging vs the Business of Blogging

Nothing changes a business owner’s facial expression from calm, cool and collected to “deer in headlights” faster than suggesting that he or she begin blogging for his/her business.

It’s understandable.  In the past 10 years, blogging in general has exploded.  It’s gone from a relatively unknown software created to quickly and easily publish content to the web to an international phenomenon.

Blogging has catapulted people from “ordinary” to superstars in short order.  Matt Drudge and Perez Hilton are just two “average”  people who began publishing their thoughts to the web and found themselves famous as a result.  So it’s not surprising that when you think of blogging – you think of a full time writing gig.

Blogging has “grown up” over the past decade and many popular blogs are directly competing with newspaper, television and magazines by providing engaging and entertaining up to the minute information.

That’s not “business blogging” but rather the BUSINESS OF BLOGGING.

There’s a difference – a big difference.  A HUGE difference between the two types of blogging.

The Business of Blogging

If you’re in the business of blogging – your goal is to entertain, educate and engage.

If you’re in the business of blogging, you’ll spend your time identifying, writing and researching breaking news stories.   Like a savvy magazine or newspaper editor, you’ll need to have a good “feel” for which stories your readers want you to pursue.

When you’re in the business of blogging – you’ll fund your blogging activities by selling advertising space to businesses who want to get their advertising message in front of your loyal and dedicated audience.

Business Blogging

Business blogging is an ENTIRELY different “beast”.  While the blogger who is in the business of blogging needs to think and act like a magazine or newspaper editor –  the business blogger isn’t concerned with the editorial content of the blog.

Well – that’s not entirely true.  Of course you’re concerned about the editorial content of your business blog – but your business blog is operating from an entirely different point of view.

While the business of blogging has as it’s main goal to entertain – entertainment is not the top priority for the business blog owner.

When it comes to the entertainment factor – the business blog doesn’t live or die based solely upon the entertainment value of the posts.  Sure, it’s an added bonus if your blog post on your latest product release is entertaining as well as informative – but it’s not a requirement.

When you begin business blogging – you don’t have to churn out three or more posts a day in order for your business blog to be a success.  Will it launch faster – of course.

Creating 3 posts a day for 100 days means you’ve got 300 pages of content ready, willing and able to be indexed by the search engines.  Then, when a prospective customer or client goes searching for answers – the answers your products and/or services provide – VOILA – your blog post can often be the star of those real time long tail keyword searches.

(Note: long tail keyword searches is an SEO term used to describe the words actual people use who are looking to buy products and services.  Instead of searching “back pain” – someone whose back is hurting will use words like “upper back pain relief” or even better “arthritis back pain relief”.   While millions of people search for general terms like “back pain” – relatively few search using these “long tail keyword” terms. )

As a business blogger – you don’t have to take the 3 posts a day approach to creating content for your blog.  Instead, you can adopt a much more “relaxed” schedule – like posting one post per week.  At the end of a year, your blog will have 52 posts.  After three years, you’ll have over 150 pages of content.

What should you write about?

I often encourage my clients to carefully edit outgoing emails and use those as blog post “fodder”.  When you answer prospective customer’s questions asked via email – chances are that visitors to your website are asking the same questions in their head.  Why not answer those questions on your blog for all to see?