Acumen Web Services offers a comprehensive business web site solution developed to help you create a web site that actually does what you want it to do, create more business for your business.

My name is Kathy Hendershot-Hurd and I’m the owner of Virtual Impax and author of Beyond the Niche.  Even though I began developing web sites professionally in 1997, I actually started creating web sites as a hobby in 1994. By the time I was accepting paying clients, I already had a dozen sites under my belt.

Over the years – I’ve worked with hundreds of small business owners and helped them to get their businesses “online”.

Over the years, I’ve discovered exactly what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to creating a web site that works.

I’ve developed a fast track business blog launch system designed to get your business on the fast track to a web site that works as hard as you do..

Your Acumen Web Services Business Blog is  quickly implemented, it’s search engine friendly and most importantly, it’s easy for you to update and add content.

If a business blog sounds too good to be true – well – there is a “dark” side to the story.

Business blogs have a lot in common with the bulletin board software used by business owners in the 1990’s. Bulletin boards were easy for visitors to use – and were extremely search engine friendly. If that potent combination sounds familiar, it’s a lot like the “1-2 punch” that  business blogs deliver today. It was the founder’s experience with those easy to use bulletin board systems that inspired our managed WordPress hosting service.

The story behind “managed WordPress hosting”  began as a full fledged success story. A Virtual Impax client (Acumen Web Services is a division of Virtual Impax) created a product which can achieve effortless weight loss. This revolutionary system worked like magic for hundreds of customers. My client contact me to help her market that product.  We launched a bulletin board as a way to allow her customers to easily share their success stories (testimonials) and to act like “search engine bait”.   Of curse, other discussions happened there too – like other weight loss products visitors had tried but had failed.It didn’t take long for her site’s online bulletin board to gain a reputation with the search engines for being THE place to go for answers about weight loss.

Everything was going better than expected during the first year. The bulletin board was active with users asking questions and sharing their success stories while the search engine love had it growing by leaps and bounds. My client was delighted – and allowed her bulletin board to go on “auto-pilot” – effortlessly delivering new customers for her product.

It’s important to note that this client had not contracted to for ongoing maintenance on the bulletin board software with Virtual Impax.  At the time, there wasn’t any reason to do so.  Little did either of us know but bulletin board applications were becoming known for easily achieving favorable SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions). Hackers set out to “crack” the code and find a way to bypass the anti-spam controls built into the software to post their own spammy links and content directly.

While the BB software developers had developed a series of software patches to stop such attacks, the client was not aware of the danger and didn’t upgrade her installation of the software. By the time she was aware of the problem,(when sales slowed noticeably   her bulletin board was filled with spam which had driven away the human users of her once popular portal.

The lesson of this lost resource was the inspiration for the WordPress Managed Hosting (Cyber Angel) offered by Acumen Web Services. Kathy recognized that WordPress blogs – like the bulletin board software – made it easy to create search engine friendly content.  Way back in 2004, she worried that blogs might suffer the same fate as the bulletin board software had in years past. That fear was well justified – and today there are literally dozens of other providers of “fully managed” WordPress blog hosting.

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting is just one of the many reason clients turn to Acumen Web Services for their worry free WordPress needs.   We offer not only WordPress installation, theme installation and customization, and fully managed WordPress hosting – we also offer dozens of “make your blog successful” resources which will help you to create the lead generating web presence you desire.

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