Business Blog Basics

You’ve no doubt heard the hype about what a blog can do for your business.

You’ve heard that business blogs make it easy to get your marketing message onto the web.

It’s true.

You’ve heard that-  unlike other “easy to use” web publishing platforms – business blogs display that marketing message in way that the search engines LOVE.

That’s true too.

You’ve heard that business blogs are a great way to generate a fresh stream of leads.

Also true.

Maybe you’ve heard that business blogs are a great way to get publicity.

Definitely true.

What you may not have heard is that a “blog” is just another type of web site.  Chances are you’ve visited a lot of web sites which were running on “blog” software.

Your business blog can:

  • Grab attention with search engine friendly content
  • Create rapport with prospective customers
  • Build and establish trust
  • Provide valuable how to advice
  • Establish credibility and thought leadership as well as
  • Call consumers to action.

Your business blog makes it easy for you to write articles (known as blog posts) which can educate consumers on WHY they should choose your business.

Many Acumen Web Services clients are delighted to hear from customers that their business blog was the REASON they chose to do business with them.  Other Acumen Web Service business bloggers have been delighted to be contacted by national media sources – gaining valuable PR exposure for their business – all because they had a business blog.

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